'V' cabulary

An important part of our culture is our language! Be Defined by learning the many meaningful catchy slogans/phrases. Now you're speaking from our 'V' cabulary.

Verandeno - Is a Lifestyle Luxury brand encouraging an elevated mindset and style. A combination of the word perseverance and the name Cedeno.

V'd Up - One is wearing Verandeno Clothing. It also means to promote or receive good vibes.

V'ish - (short for Verandeno-ish) is owning a multitude of 'V' merch. It's an attitude of feeling elevated or being stylish.

Itchin' to Flex - Ready, excited and/or eager to wear new 'V' Merch humbly 

Flex'N - Confidently displaying one's outfit, particularly Verandeno attire


Slogan: It's Lookin' Real V'ish

Tag: Label Me Stupendous Brand Me Verandeno

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